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Services Offered

Online Class


Video conference or phone call where a brief parent/caregiver interview will be completed to better understand your specific needs. 

10 minutes

Studying on a Computer

Speech-Language Evaluation

When treating a client it is imperative to use a holistic approach. This includes a comprehensive evaluation of articulation, expressive and receptive language, pragmatic language, behavioral observations, naturalistic and play-based assessment (age dependent), parent/caregiver interview with medical history. Upon completion of the assessments, data is analyzed, and standardized measures scored. A full written report with service recommendations and goals with be developed and available. Explanation of findings will also be provided.

Starting at 1 hr 



This pediatric speech and/or language therapy session will consist of the approach that best meets the need of the client. It may be play-based, child-directed, or routine-based, with coaching thus requiring parent/adult participation. This is to ensure that parents are empowered through education to promote generalization of skills from therapy session to the natural learning environment. 

The adult speech and/or language therapy session will utilize strategies specific to the goals for rehabilitation and are individualized with carryover assignments and education. ​

30 mins

Public Speaker

Speaking Engagements

Public speaking events/training to provide education on specific topics related to speech, language, communication, and swallowing

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