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Services Offered

Online Class


Video conference where a detailed parent/caregiver interview will be completed to better understand your specific needs. There may be documentation review, and in return you will receive professional advice and recommendations on whether your child will benefit from a speech-language assessment and/or treatment.

30 minutes

Studying on a Computer

Speech-Language Evaluation

When treating a client it is imperative to use a holistic approach. This includes a comprehensive evaluation of articulation, expressive and receptive language, pragmatic language, behavioral observations, naturalistic and play-based assessment (age dependent), oral motor assessment, parent/caregiver interview with medical history. Upon completion of the assessments, data is analyzed, and standardized measures scored. A full written report with service recommendations and goals with be developed and available. Explanation of findings will also be provided.

1 hr 30 mins



This pediatric speech and/or language therapy session will consist of the approach that best meets the need of the client. It may be play-based, child-directed, or routine-based, with coaching thus requiring parent/adult participation. This is to ensure that parents are empowered through education to promote generalization of skills from therapy session to the natural learning environment. 

The adult speech and/or language therapy session will utilize strategies specific to the goals for rehabilitation and are individualized with carryover assignments and education. ​

30 mins

Public Speaker

Speaking Engagements

Public speaking events/training to provide education on specific topics related to speech, language, communication, and swallowing

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Antigua Summer Services

Client will receive speech-language screening and treatment based on his/her individual needs. Treatment plan will be developed based on parent input and goals. 

Sessions will be 30 mins in length. Clients can be seen up to 3x per week. 

July 18th - 28th, 2022.

Services: Services
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